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Axiom Decision Support for Healthcare

Axiom monitors your data trends and alerts you to opportunities to reduce costs, optimize revenue, and improve clinical quality. Empower your finance and clinical leadership teams to realize your mission-critical initiatives with actionable business insights.

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You can't manage what you don't measure

Modern healthcare organizations need a solution that can grow and evolve alongside them.

Go from data to decisions with Axiom’s modern, scalable architecture that provides the agility to access and transform disparate financial, operational, and clinical data, and to drive improved performance.

Axiom offers unmatched flexibility and extensibility to meet your needs today and provides the agility to address tomorrow’s growing demands.

Users spent 60% less time on data management and reporting with Axiom Decision Support


Key Capabilities

  • Support growth with unmatched flexibility and extensibility

  • Transform data into decisions with modern architecture

  • Improve onboarding with streamlined costing workflow

  • Obtain an accurate, comprehensive view of performance across cost, quality, and service line measures

  • Gain buy-in and trust with accurate patient-level costs across care settings

  • Drive action with flexible report writing and intuitive visualizations and dashboards

Ben Moncher of Fisher Titus
“You don’t remain competitive by just being good at your base and your core. If we didn’t have the core data set we have with Axiom, I don’t know how my team and I would do our job. It would be almost impossible without it.”
Ben Moncher
Senior Director of Finance at Fisher-Titus Medical Center

Rated #1 in cost accounting and enterprise decision support — for the 3rd consecutive year

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Black Book Research recently recognized several #1 user satisfaction rankings for Axiom Software solutions, including: Axiom Decision Support, Axiom Contract Management, and Axiom Comparative Analytics.

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