MVP Awards

At Syntellis, we’re constantly impressed by the amazing things our clients do to change the world for the better by helping their healthcare, financial institutions, higher education, and other foundational organizations achieve their missions.

Each year Syntellis honors one client in each of those industries for being a Most Valuable Performer (MVP) for the prior year. Because of the pandemic, our Performance Management Summit for 2020 was cancelled, so this year we’ll be announcing winners from each industry for both 2020 and 2021.

Our panel of judges chooses the MVP Award winners based on: 

  • How the organization has improved performance using Syntellis solutions 

  • Innovative ways the organization has used Syntellis solutions to solve challenges 

  • Quantitative and qualitative details about the project and the impact it has made on employees, clients, students, the organization, or the community. 


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2020 Syntellis MVP Award Winners

Scripps logo

MVP: Scripps Health

The path to adopting Axiom® Rolling Forecasting started with a simple question from a board member, who asked, “Why aren’t we using a rolling forecast?”, recalls John Wong, Director of Corporate Financial Planning and Reporting. Scripps’ long budget cycle was not only a workforce drain, but data was outdated by the time it was used for variance reporting.
Renasant Bank logo

MVP: Renasant Bank

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Renasant Bank looked for ways to continue providing loans during a critical time for financial institutions and their customers. Handling PPP requests was a significant challenge, and the finance team needed to accurately, efficiently report on all of it. The Axiom Financial Institutions Suite empowered them to pivot and create new processes quickly, as well as to handle reporting efficiently, no matter what the pandemic and market forces may bring.
Emory University logo

MVP: Emory University School of Medicine

Emory University ranks among the top 20 research universities in the United States and has earned international recognition for its liberal arts colleges and graduate and professional schools. With Axiom, Emory SOM was able to increase efficiency by 10%, accuracy by 15%-20%, and reducing labor needs by 20%.
Tractor icon

MVP: A Leading Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

With a need for more administrative control and better planning processes within their division, this manufacturer transitioned to Axiom Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). The finance team developed their Axiom budget and rolling forecast models to best practices, created greater efficiencies, and enabled various stakeholders to see their complete profit and loss positions.

2021 Syntellis MVP Award Winners

Sunrise Banks logo

MVP: Sunrise Banks

When Kevin Valois joined Sunrise Banks as CFO in early 2019, he quickly realized the need for more robust and flexible financial reporting system that would allow the bank to better understand profitability across the organization. After implementing Axiom, the FP&A team can now show their revenue centers how much individual business lines or units generate for the bank.
Saltchuk logo

MVP: Saltcuk Resources

A leading North American transportation and distribution company, Saltchuk has a history of acquisitions that led to a diverse collection of company networks and data sources that were challenging to the finance team. Since implementing Axiom, the team implemented such successful reporting that management cut one Business Unit’s on-hand inventory nearly in half to free up working capital between May 2020 and January 2021.
Fisher Titus Medical Center logo

MVP: Fisher-Titus Medical Center

As a CPA, Ben Moncher can paint pictures with numbers. But just as an artist needs canvas, brushes, and paint to begin work, Moncher needs rich, accurate data — data he’s now getting with the help of Axiom Enterprise Decision Support.
Western Kentucky University logo

MVP: Western Kentucky University

Rebekah Russell and her team in the central budget office at Western Kentucky University were seeking a comprehensive platform in order to collect and distribute information quickly from the central office to the unit budget offices and streamline their collaborative processes. Each of Western Kentucky University’s budget offices is now empowered to be independent in their reporting, ownership of data, and decision-making.