MVP: Saltchuk Resources

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Scott Mitchell is the Senior Director of Internal Audit at Saltchuk Resources, Inc., and one of his very first priorities after joining the company was to bring in Axiom for budgeting, forecasting, and business intelligence. A leading North American transportation and distribution company, Saltchuk has a history of acquisitions that led to a diverse collection of company networks and data sources that were challenging to the finance team.

Scott and his team needed to work across all the networks, bringing in data from various ERP systems and seven general ledgers. Axiom’s remote data connector made it possible to get the data, centralize its connection, and make it reportable for audit work.

“Now we aren’t dependent on the business to get our data and can gather it ourselves,” Scott said.

“It saves so much time if we can get what we want, when we want it.”

Saltchuk Internal Audit and some of their Business Unit teams rely heavily on Axiom for business intelligence, as well, which helps them manage and monitor profitability drivers that are operationally focused. They can report on profitability on a given trucking route and use Axiom to manage inventory in the warehouse. Scott and team can calculate inventory turns by SKU, by location, by inventory type, and then make decisions on how to reduce inventory and monitor reductions by taking daily snapshots of inventory value by warehouse.

Scott and team implemented such successful reporting that management cut one Business Unit’s on-hand inventory nearly in half to free up working capital between May 2020 and January 2021.

“Numbers tell stories,” Scott noted, saying that monitoring for theft is an important aspect of the auditing team’s work. Also, as a capital-intensive business, one of their critical tracking points is the measurement of asset utilization to maximize profitability from their investments in airplanes, ships, and trucks.

“In Axiom,” Scott said, “We can take what might be multiple tables in separate source systems and bring them together and do all kinds of data manipulation to make it easier to drill down and report. Those two things make a significant difference in what we do.”

With excellent results from expert implementation and use of Syntellis’ Axiom capabilities within well-designed team processes, there’s no question that Scott and the Saltchuk team deserve the 2021 Syntellis MVP Award for General Industries.