UCCU once struggled with a very manual budget process and limited reporting capabilities. These inefficient, error-prone processes led to a lack of trust in the data. Since implementing Axiom in 2020, UCCU has leveraged the software to automate reporting, access and analyze accurate and relevant data, and effectively meet member needs. 

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Now with a streamlined budget, the UCCU team can assign budget plan files to other departments for them to fill out, and uses a cash flow forecaster to help project loan growth.  

“Axiom lets us focus on the more important things,” says Masen Thompson, Senior Financial Analyst, adding that the credit union is 30% to 40% more efficient because of reporting automation. “Rather than having to spend all this time putting in the data, we can spend more time analyzing the data and drawing conclusions.” 

Data is only as important as the decisions it drives — and for UCCU, those decisions center on the member experience. With Axiom, UCCU can access and analyze member data to better understand what financial services and products to offer.  

“We are starting to drill down to the member profitability level and understand which members provide the most value to the bottom line,” says Thompson. “With that information, we can tailor our services to things that will be profitable. This also reduces risk because we identify these things based on data, rather than relying on a hunch or intuition.” 

As the credit union prepares for rate hikes this year, finance leaders are confident that accurate, timely data will provide the necessary insights to remain profitable.