Previously Kaufman Hall Software, Syntellis was launched as a standalone company with a defined focus on software and data — dedicating resources and expertise to enhance Axiom and Connected Analytics roadmaps. Syntellis rapidly pursues product innovation, a broader set of client success initiatives, and unique growth strategies for unparalleled client value.




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Client organizations


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Our Mission

We deliver modern, scalable and innovative enterprise performance management solutions that transform our client’s vision into reality by empowering them to:

Acquire Insights
We provide tools that transform data into intelligence, helping our clients see the bigger picture.

Accelerate Decisions
With actionable insights, our clients can strategize smarter – quickly making clear plans and confident choices.

Advance the Plan

Backed by smarter decisions, our clients execute priorities and propel their organizations forward.


Trusted by more than 2,800 organizations to help them achieve their mission