TriCore Reference Laboratories operates more than 18 labs and 50 patient care centers throughout New Mexico along with a research institute and a laboratory information technology and services company. 

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With 400 departments, TriCore’s former budgeting process was riddled with version control issues, human error, and broken Excel links. Using Axiom, TriCore improved budgeting, streamlined the variance review process, and delivered accurate, accessible data to department managers throughout the organization.  

“Having data at their fingertips empowers managers to ask more questions and better understand their individual department's financials to power better decision-making," says Al Mascareñas, Director of FP&A at TriCore. 

TriCore's capital planning process is tightly integrated with the budgeting process so that managers can use Axiom to easily see the funds they have to work with and prepare capital requests for monthly capital committee meetings.  

With access to more accurate data at their fingertips, leaders throughout the organization are better aligned to the organization's financial performance and empowered to make data-driven decisions.