MVP: Fisher-Titus Medical Center

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As a CPA, Ben Moncher can paint pictures with numbers. But just as an artist needs canvas, brushes, and paint to begin work, Moncher needs rich, accurate data — data he’s now getting with the help of Axiom Enterprise Decision Support.

Moncher, Senior Director of Finance at Fisher-Titus Medical Center, uses numbers to communicate intricate scenarios and give leaders the intelligence they need to make informed decisions. The Norwalk, Ohio, nonprofit health system began its journey toward a single solution suite with Syntellis’ Axiom™ Budgeting and Axiom™ Performance Reporting to build a strong foundation before adding Axiom™ Cost Accounting and Decision Support modules.

“It’s great to have one spot where we can take clinical data and mash that up with budgeting and financial data,” says Moncher. The flexibility of Axiom reporting tools lets Moncher and his team customize their data presentations as needed to make impactful, purpose-built dashboards for executives. The data model’s flexibility is critical, too, as the Fisher-Titus finance team added custom tables to the database to support analysis and reporting, allowing the addition of health department data to complete the COVID-19 picture in their service area.

The results and return on investment have been significant. Ben and his team found $200,000 in unbilled gross charges from running a single report. They also reduced staff time required to run the monthly physicians RVU report from eight hours to two minutes. It’s plain to see why Fisher-Titus Medical Center is our 2021 Syntellis MVP Award winner for Healthcare.