For hospitals and health systems, post-COVID-19 recovery, survival, and success will require a highly complex cycle of assessment, planning, and action taking place on many levels simultaneously.

The process must be highly focused and coordinated. It requires a foundation of sound data and analysis. And it requires leadership foresight and courage.

COVID-19 Recovery: Paths Forward for Hospitals and Health Systems highlights the key components of the recovery process: 

  • Assessing the impacts, including the COVID trajectory, local economy, market conditions, and the clinical, financial, and operational impacts
  • Creating scenarios of the degree of COVID impact in relation to the organization’s pre-COVID situation
  • Charting the path forward, including growth, recovery, and restructuring 

In addition, this e-book outlines the structure and tools necessary for recovery, including demand modeling, strategic-financial planning, rolling forecasting, treasury and capital markets management, performance improvement, recovery and turnaround planning, and restructuring transactions. 

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