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Funds Transfer Pricing software - Axiom dashboard

Axiom FTP & Profitability provides enhanced visibility into the customers, segments, branches, and products that drive the greatest value. With a highly configurable costing engine, matched-term funds transfer pricing, inclusion of direct costs and income, provision, and capital rules, measure and analyze full profit contribution and risk-adjusted return on capital (RAROC).

  • Calculate RAROC, applying a matrix-based risk assessment approach to ascribe economic capital at an account level

  • Efficiently update FTP drivers and assumptions, Capital allocations, and Loan Loss rates

  • Focus on both current and historical FTP and profitability analysis to drive business decisions

  • Leverage standard visualizations for customer and product profitability analysis, with visibility to instrument-level data, and create self-service dashboards from the data model

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Maximize Value from FTP Investments

Assign highly accurate FTP rates based on projected cash flows and bring together data visualization, incremental analysis, and segmentation to maximize value from funds transfer pricing investments.

  • Employ a transparent, matched-maturity approach where users can alter pricing assumptions

  • Analyze the impact of multiple factors on net interest margin to inform accurate decision making

  • Use analytical reporting to improve pricing decisions and understand performance drivers

  • Create specific base rate and adjustment rate FTP rules and filters to accurately apply funding charges and credits

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