Syntellis IQ is an expansive data science engine that delivers powerful insights to illuminate and improve financial and operational performance. Syntellis IQ aggregates, anonymizes, and normalizes market data directly from financial and operational source systems, then applies machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analysis, and artificial intelligence — including natural language processing — to deliver actionable insights. 

Finance professionals and business leaders use these insights to adjust strategies and guide performance improvements. Syntellis IQ currently powers Axiom software used by more than 2,500 healthcare organizations by providing insights on data collected from more than 1,000 hospitals and over 125,000 physicians. Actual results include:

How Syntellis IQ works

By applying sophisticated analysis and machine learning techniques to healthcare data, Syntellis IQ and Axiom software give healthcare providers access to the most timely financial and operational analytics, so they can better understand performance and design strategies to support their mission and goals.

And that’s just the beginning. Syntellis IQ has the power to deliver countless insights across industries, disciplines, and sectors, reshaping how data drives decisions.

“With Syntellis we have added another layer of confidence in our decision-making, and feel we are capitalizing on new opportunities and gaining strong returns on investments.”
Ben Moncher, Senior Director of Finance at Fisher-Titus Medical Center

How does Syntellis IQ work?


The digital era has produced massive amounts of data, but individuals and organizations lack the ability to process and analyze this “big data” into valuable insights, leaving untold potential discoveries buried in data warehouses and spread across disparate systems.

Syntellis IQ’s big data analysis capabilities are like no other in the market — using sophisticated techniques to process enormous data sets that are too complex for traditional data-processing or reporting software, then delivering insights to Axiom software using application programing interfaces (APIs). Axiom clients see user-friendly dashboards, reports, visualizations, and comparative analysis that make it easy to glean organizational insights and guide strategic decisions.

Every month, Syntellis IQ calculates over 2.6 billion data points from hundreds of different source systems. Advanced machine learning techniques apply to over 29 million dimensions of relational and textual data to inform our software solutions. Transforming, aggregating, and calculating huge volumes of data used to take days and now takes just a few hours. This enterprise approach of synthesizing data into insights produces exponentially valuable intelligence and currently helps thousands of organizational leaders overcome their biggest challenges.


Syntellis IQ - How it works

1100-199 bed hospital in the Midwestern U.S.

2500+ bed hospital in the Southern U.S.

3200-299 bed hospital in the Midwestern U.S.

4200-299 bed hospital in the Western U.S.