Budgeting & PLANNING

Streamline Your Budgeting Process

Create and manage planning models that are connected to your market and operational drivers.
With Axiom Software, your budgeting process is more efficient and accurate through automated consolidation
of budgets across departments, branches, or markets.


Rate volume day variance - Axiom software dashboard
  • Evaluate the finance impact of changing assumptions

  • Leverage enterprise-ready workflows, top-down spread, role-based security, and automated report production

  • Improve budgeting accountability and accuracy

  • Integrate daily general ledger, HR, fixed assets, transaction detail, and other system data

  • Leverage Excel familiarity for business rules and reports without complex scripting

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periodic forecasts

Prepare For Potential Impacts on Your Financials

Model and monitor the impact of shifting interest rates, lending rates, and loan volumes on your financial outcomes and performance indicators. Integrate the resulting driver-based forecasts with long-term financial plans and operational budgets to arm leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning.

Change is Inevitable. Timing is Unpredictable. Model Your Scenarios and Mitigate Risk.

Real-time answers on the impact of changes in interest and lending rates, operating costs, and staff with dynamic, “What if” modeling

Aggregate projected changes into financial planning portfolios to map overall impact on budgets

Drill down into individual budgets and forecasts to see how changes would impact the branch or department level

Software Requirements Checklist

The road to a better budgeting season starts with Axiom Software. When considering your requirements for a planning and reporting solution that will shorten the budget cycle, streamline processes, and grow with your institution, we invite you to compare your current solution and potential replacements against Axiom.

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Cash flow planning software - Axiom software
Cash Flow Forecasting

Next Level Financial Planning

Calculate cash flow projections at the record level, aggregating them into planning portfolios to improve accuracy in net interest margin planning and provide better focus on incremental new business. Our cash flow planning software enables data analytics, enhances data visibility, and allows you to build a cash flow forecasting model into the standard budgeting process. View loans and deposit records in portfolios—including those set to mature and reprice.

Your guide to cash flow forecasting

Better Predict Your Net Interest Margin

Use your interest rate forecast, runoff of existing balances and rates, impact of new originations, and optional funds transfer pricing (FTP) rates to generate your cash flow forecast, more accurately predicting projected balances, yields, and FTP spread (if used) to inform a cash flow-based budget.

Improve Scope And Accuracy

Process fixed, adjustable, and variable records across all instrument types in our cash flow engine, adding prepayment assumptions so your future cash flows reflect a more realistic view of customer/member behavior.

Stay Nimble with What-if Scenarios

Anticipate potential market conditions by modeling “what-if” scenarios, and be ready to adjust your risk-adjusted cash flow plan and projections to reflect changes in product mix, pricing, spread and more.

Financial planning cycle
Long-Range and Multi-year Financial Planning

Evaluate Projected Performance

Develop long-range plans for operational, capital, and financial drivers easily with Axiom Software. Our planning software uses historical budget and forecast data to create scorecards and dashboards that monitor progress, enabling you to course-correct as things change. Guide investments in strategic initiatives and capital projects based on expected results.

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Strengthen your ability to compete in a changing marketplace with industry-leading software
that solves enterprise planning challenges for financial institutions

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