7 ways Axiom software empowers remote work in colleges and universities

7 Ways Axiom Supports Working Remotely

The global pandemic has reshaped how people work — perhaps forever — as home becomes the new office. Syntellis’ Axiom™ Higher Education Suite supports online working and collaboration...

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Solution brief thumbnail: Axiom Treasury Cash Management

Axiom Treasury Cash Management for Healthcare

Treasury Operations teams work hard to balance the growth potential of key financial resources — such as cash, credit, leverage, and invested assets — with their organization’s risk and...
Axiom Allocations solution brief thumbnail

Axiom Allocations for Higher Education

Axiom Allocations is critical for universities that analyze margins at a school/program level or run a responsibility centered management (RCM) budget model.
2021 Healthcare Financial Trends Report

2021 Healthcare Financial Trends Report

Discover how your organization’s experiences and plans stack up against 180+ hospitals in our annual survey, which also shares top strategies to grow financially in a post-pandemic environment.
Healthcare Finance KPIs - November 2020

Top 5 Healthcare Finance KPIs: November 2020

November 2020 saw an increase in COVID-19 cases that placed new pressures on hospitals and health systems, even as executives eagerly anticipated emergency use authorization of COVID-19...
Top 5 Healthcare Finance KPIs for October 2020

Top 5 Healthcare Finance KPIs: October 2020

Key performance indicators (KPIs) from October 2020 indicate a difficult winter for the nation’s hospitals and health systems amid a fast-rising increase in COVID-19 cases and ongoing...