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Market Analysis and Monthly Hospital & Physician KPIs: July 2022

Many of the challenges that plagued providers throughout the first half of 2022 are expected to continue in the second half of the year. Numerous forces — including ongoing inflation and widespread labor shortages — are contributing to persistent expense growth. Hospitals saw some relief with expense and margin declines from May to June, but whether those results were a temporary reprieve or early signs of a bigger trend remains unknown.

Syntellis Clinical Exchange: Order Delivery Service

Order Delivery Service (ODS) is a solution on the Syntellis Clinical Exchange platform that securely delivers clinical orders from affiliated and non-affiliated physician practices directly to hospital systems.
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Market Analysis and Monthly Hospital & Physician KPIs: June 2022

Healthcare providers nationwide are struggling to get a handle on rapidly rising expenses. As the costs of providing care continue to grow at a faster rate compared to revenues, hospitals, health systems, and other providers face unsustainable margin pressures.