Establish an Efficient and Repeatable Forecasting Process

Complement or replace your annual budgeting process with more efficient and accurate rolling forecasting. Our software integrates rolling forecasts with long-term financial plans and operational budgets to support strategic and tactical planning success.

Flexible forecasting methods can be applied at any level in the organization, with comparisons to established targets and key performance indicators.

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Review And Project

Balance sheet and net revenue forecasting lets you review and project the next 12 quarters

Data-Rich Reports

Highly visual, data-rich reports, enhancing the ability to monitor and address issues that can pull the organization off target

Long-Range Financial Planning

Develop Multi-Year Financial Plans

Our financial planning software provides finance professionals the tools they need to assess the viability of initiatives and pinpoint incremental volume, revenue, cost, debt, and capital structure implications.

Long Range Planning Software
  • Link your organization’s strategic mission and vision with measurable financial objectives

  • Model the impacts of proposed initiatives and scenarios on financial and operational performance

  • Save time by using historical and proposed budgets and forecasts as the basis for your long-range financial plan

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"[Axiom Budgeting is] giving us the ability to course-correct more quickly than perhaps we have been able to do in the past."
Vickie Kelley
Corporate Controller, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
Enterprise Budgeting Software
Operational Budgeting

Create Efficient, Accurate and Transparent Budgets

Utilize best-practice budget methodologies to streamline budgeting processes, enhance efficiency, and highlight variances. It's a solid mechanism for hospitals, health systems, and physician practices to take action and hold organizational leaders accountable for results.

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Create and manage planning models connected to internal and external drivers


Seamlessly integrate data from the general ledger, patient systems, clinical detail, human resources, and other systems


Evaluate the impact of changing assumptions on projected financial futures


Support your unique planning and budgeting needs with tools designed specifically for providers


Integrate budgets from Provider-sponsored Health Plans

If your organization offers a provider-sponsored health plan, Axiom Budgeting provides specific health plan budgeting capabilities to provide a holistic view of finances and streamline budgeting tasks across your healthcare enterprise.

Axiom Budgeting for Health Plans uses a per member per month (PMPM) approach to forecast members, revenues and expenses for your sponsored insurance products. Efficiently project your margin across various scenarios considering covered lives, revenues, and expected expense ratios. You can track and plan the profitability of each insurance product, as well as view real-time results of the health plan’s impact to your overall organizational results.

Integrated budgeting planning, processes, and reporting across your health system and its sponsored health plan improves efficiency, visibility, and accuracy as information is automatically rolled up to be calculated and reported in Axiom.

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treasury cash management

Maximize Returns on Cash Positions


Managing cash and liquidity in real-time gives organizations the flexibility to maximize working capital. Syntellis’ Axiom™ Treasury Cash Management provides end-to-end cash visibility using modeling and reporting tools that improve:

  • Accuracy by replacing manual spreadsheet maintenance with automation to eliminate error-prone processes and prevent single points of failure

  • Efficiency by incorporating bank connectivity to view all accounts from one location

  • Transparency because better visibility helps guide funds reallocation to higher-yielding accounts

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arrow going through plan


Transform Information into Action

Axiom Intelligence includes reporting tools that provide your executives and managers timely access to the financial and management reports and dashboards they require in one trusted source. Highly flexible and configurable formats help you summarize and easily identify trends and variances in the formats most suited to your key stakeholders.

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Capital Planning & Tracking

Prioritize Near-Term Needs and Long-Term Objectives

Use a more structured and disciplined approach to allocate and manage capital. Our software provides consistency, objectivity, and visibility into the entire capital management process.

Capital Planning software
  • Determine the right capital investment to support growth and effective care delivery

  • Prioritize capital requests based on impact to the organization and alignment with goals

  • Monitor capital projects, providing visibility into progress and variance against the budget

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