Designed for healthcare consultants, Syntellis Market Insights offers the industry’s most timely, detailed, and extensive hospital, non-acute, and physician analytics across the care continuum.

The healthcare market context you need to ensure a strong bottom line for your clients

In the competitive world of healthcare consulting, firms must constantly deliver differentiated value to clients while positioning themselves as authorities by delivering strategic insights that others lack.

Syntellis Market Insights for healthcare brings together data monthly from over 1,000 hospitals, 135,000 physicians, and non-acute facilities nationwide to give you the most objective and current view into the evolving healthcare market landscape. Leveraging these insights, you can accurately compare an individual organization’s performance to peers, set improvement targets, guide organizational change, and evaluate the success of transformation efforts.

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Key Capabilities

  • Source: Data harvested directly from business systems
  • Current: Monthly data updates include the prior month
  • Size: Data from more than 4,000 healthcare entities, including over 1,000 hospitals and 135,000 physicians
  • Breadth: Acute care, non-acute, and physician
  • Detail: Revenues, expenses, labor, productivity, span of control, volumes, costs, quality, utilization, safety, and satisfaction
  • Methodology: Powered by Syntellis IQ, objective apples-to-apples comparisons leverage modern data science techniques
  • Delivery: Online report portal, direct data files, or Syntellis’ Axiom™ Comparative Analytics

Broaden value with unique operational and financial insights

Syntellis Market Insights provides key performance indicators across the most extensive range of service lines available in benchmarking solutions today. Metrics go beyond acute care to include outpatient, physician practices, imaging centers, home health and hospice, skilled nursing facilities, urgent care centers, and more.

Analytics and benchmarking data includes key financial, clinical, payroll, patient, and labor utilization measures from a strong cross-section of various types of hospitals, departments, practices, and specialties for comparison.


Identify improvement opportunities with near real-time precision

Data refreshes regularly to show metrics from the prior month, so you can quickly identify and guide your clients’ response to healthcare industry trends. The monthly updates give immediate visibility into action plan impacts, creating more time to course correct if needed.


Evaluate clients’ performance against industry benchmarks

Syntellis Market Insights provides the market knowledge needed to help you quickly spot clients’ greatest operational, financial, and clinical performance improvement opportunities so you can focus corrective strategies on the areas most likely to show the greatest impact. Set goals for incremental improvement using better-performing peers as the target. With 20 peer percentile targets per measure, you can develop achievable improvement action plans.


Work faster and smarter with flexible data delivery options

Choose from a user-friendly online portal, monthly file imports into your firm’s business intelligence tool, or process your clients’ raw data through Syntellis IQ into Axiom™ Comparative Analytics for the most robust, automated analysis — saving you time that’s better spent advising clients.


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Leveraging data collected directly from financial systems, Syntellis Market Insights provides the industry’s most timely access to operational and financial analytics thanks to Syntellis IQ, an expansive data science innovation solution that illuminates insights and accelerates performance improvement.


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Deliver unique value to your clients. Identify performance improvement opportunities. Guide meaningful change.

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