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Analytics solutions provide insights to power data-driven decisions 

Turn data into intelligence and elevated financial performance with Syntellis’ Axiom Intelligence analytics software, which empowers organizations to evaluate and visualize financial and operational data to identify trends, variances, and improvement opportunities.

While other performance management tools simply offer reports, Axiom Intelligence provides timely data and robust analytical and visualization capabilities for a comprehensive view into your business. To take full advantage of business analytics, you need answers at your fingertips, and Syntellis’ advanced tools generate actionable intelligence that finance leaders can use to inform financial management and improvement initiatives. 

Benefits of analytics and reporting using Axiom Intelligence

Single Source of Truth

Axiom seamlessly integrates data from any source into a single repository for planning and analysis, allowing you to leverage our innovative analytics and reporting tools to turn your data into actionable insights for enhanced decision-making. 

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Intuitive Reporting for All User Types

Axiom’s powerful web-based reporting environment supports visualizations, dashboards, ad hoc reports, and spreadsheet views — all within an easy-to-use interface. 

  • Use the browser-based reporting tool with drag-and-drop functionality to build both simple and complex reports based on your unique needs
  • Access a full Excel-based spreadsheet calculation engine for in-depth reporting in a familiar Excel environment
  • Leverage Axiom Visual Insights pre-configured data models or build your own from any data in Axiom, and use self-service tools to create dynamic visualizations, including the ability to ask natural language questions and receive answers in visual form

Improve Efficiency, Maximize Resources

While other analytics solutions require in-house database experts, Axiom Intelligence allows you to easily connect data sources through modeling and generate, analyze, and disseminate reports. This reduces reliance on IT resources and eliminates the need to hirbusiness intelligence (BI) experts or license third-party BI tools


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Axiom Healthcare Suite

Performance management software tailor-made for the complexities of hospitals and health systems, backed by 30 years of industry experience

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Axiom Financial Institutions Suite

Strategy-based performance solutions for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to model the future and make data-driven decisions

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Axiom Higher Education Suite

Sophisticated financial performance software for universities and colleges, grounded in proven principles and advanced, data-driven modeling

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