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Accurately project tuition revenue

Axiom Tuition Revenue Planning software models an unlimited number of tuition rates and fees and applies them to any level or combination of detail users need. College and university leaders can easily compare potential courses of action by creating scenarios to mix and match assumptions and initiatives.

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Rate Changes
Easily create scenarios that show the impact of tuition rate changes

Tuition revenue
Better predict tuition and fee revenue, as well as adjustments like scholarships, waivers, & differentials


Unified data
Create a single source of truth by aligning data from multiple systems

Integrated processes
Connect tuition planning with operational budgets and long-range plans

“Axiom Tuition Revenue Planning has significantly reduced our staff time and has increased data accuracy.”

Angie Martin
Vice President for Financial Planning and Chief Budget Officer, University of Kentucky

Accurately project revenue and fee revenue using real-time data to model multiple scenarios

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