Identify unintended clinical variation with a single source of truth

Our clinical analytics solution provides a robust analytics platform that allows organizations to conduct performance evaluation at all levels of their hospital or health system.


Axiom Clinical Analytics

Clinical Analytics Dashboard

Improve your quality of care, and tie those improvements to cost savings. Our Axiom Clinical Analytics solution aggregates disparate sources of data to allow you drill-down capabilities from the system to the patient level, to identify best practices, quantify preventable complications, readmissions and safety events, and discover ways to rectify unintended clinical variation.

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Simplify OPPE and drive physician performance improvement

Engage providers and simplify regulatory requirements with Axiom Clinical Analytics' streamlined on-going physician performance evaluation (OPPE) features. Axiom Clinical Analytics makes it easy to meet accreditation needs for providers and monitor physicians' performance over time to identify those not achieving quality-of-care standards. This helps organizations improve transparency around clinical quality, detect and respond to issues that could negatively impact patient outcomes, increase autonomy for physician leaders, customize reports, automate physician attribution, augment focused professional practice evaluation (FPPE) studies with comprehensive analytics, and enjoy a more complete view of physician performance. 

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Gold Standard Benchmarking

Quickly and easily compare your organization’s performance against one of the largest public data sets that captures every 2 out of 3 encounters across the U.S. Create customized internal and external benchmarks, making it easy to monitor and track performance against peers on an on-going basis and drive performance improvement initiatives.

“Comparing benchmarks from the hospital to national level lets us identify improvement opportunities. We then drill down for a better picture of underlying causes that can be addressed.”

Chief Clinical Officer, Greater Hudson Valley Health System

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