Proven to increase efficiency and reduce expenses for budgeting and labor planning processes

Axiom™ Budgeting & Forecasting helps institutions shorten their budget cycles, avoid going over budget, reduce salary expenses, and plan for their financial futures despite changing internal and external drivers.

A third-party analysis shows that a typical institution with $200 million in annual revenue generates a return on investment (ROI) of 262% over 3 years and a payback in 7.8 months with Axiom Budgeting & Forecasting by increasing efficiencies and improving financial performance with budgeting, reporting, and labor planning. An institution with $1 billion in annual revenue generates an ROI of 334%, or $4.6 million, over 3 years and a payback in 5 months.


Why is Axiom Budgeting & Forecasting a cut above the rest?

Through close examination of operational and financial results, a typical Axiom Budgeting and Forecasting implementation increases efficiencies and improves financial performance by:

  • Creating budgets 50% faster
  • Spending 60% less time managing staffing plans
  • Reducing salary expenses by 0.50%

These reductions result in significant short- and long-term cost savings for colleges and universities.

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"With Axiom Budgeting & Forecasting, the data is compiled instantaneously. We can pull last year’s budget, make changes, run a process and the budget is created automatically. We now have approval workflows in a central location, which gives us compliance and auditing confidence."

– Financial Systems Director at a public 4-year university



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