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Contract Management solutions proven to maximize patient revenue

Axiom Contract Management gives hospitals and health systems powerful tools to efficiently manage payer contracts, maximize payments, and negotiate better contract terms through modeling and claims analysis. A third-party analysis shows a typical organization generating a return on investment (ROI) is 335% and a payback of 4.5 months through increased revenue and better payer contract terms.

Why is Axiom Contract Management a cut above the rest?

Through close examination of current claims data, a typical Axiom Contract Management implementation helps increase collection of underpayments by 5% and reduce payment denials by 5%, which can substantially improve revenue performance. Additionally, Contract Management supports contract modeling and claims analytics that can bring better negotiations with payers by showing the potential impact of payer terms and managed care contracts. Want to improve your management of contracts, claims, and payments? Learn more about Axiom Contract Management.

“The payer gets the same scrubbed data as we do. Axiom provides an incredibly accurate reconciliation with the payer. No longer are there any issues with payers proposing unfavorable contracts since the payers know how good we are at modelling using Axiom so they don’t mess around.”

– Director of Contract and Payer Relations at an Academic Medical Center and Teaching Hospital



Axiom Contract Management was ranked #1 by Black Book Research based on user satisfaction ratings. Our solution, coupled with our expert consultants, will enable your organization to maximize net patient revenue through better management of contracts, claims, and payments.



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