Proven to increase profitability and efficiency

Axiom™ Relationship Profitability and Pricing System (RPPS) lets financial institution leaders and relationship managers build and manage complex relationships, precise measure profitability, accurately price potential new business, and inform business decisions.

A third-party analysis shows that a typical bank with $5B total assets generates a return on investment (ROI) of 165% over 5 years (21.52% annualized) and a payback of 6.5 months through improving relationship profitability and pricing analyses, incentivizing profitable growth, and reducing time spent on relationship analysis. A similarly sized credit union generates a return on investment of 409% over 5 years (38.47% annualized) and a payback of 3.4 months.

Why is Axiom RPPS a cut above the rest?

Through close examination of financial results, a typical Axiom RPPS implementation reduces time spent on relationship analysis by 33%. For an institution with $5B total assets, Axiom RPPS improves relationship profitability and pricing analysis to increase return on equity (ROE) by 5 basis points (banks) or return on assets (ROA) by 1 basis point (credit unions). By incentivizing profitable growth, Axiom RPPS clients also increase ROE by 2.5 basis points (banks) and ROA by 1 basis point (credit unions).

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“Axiom includes more costs and profitability metrics that allow us to protect profitability opportunities on existing relationships and determine the risk of pricing.”

– Director of Finance at a Mid-Sized Bank

Axiom RPPS received a Validation Certification Statement from Darling Consulting Group in 2019, certifying:

  • Accuracy – Axiom RPPS produces accurate current, historic, and future profitability and pricing calculations
  • Reliability – Axiom RPPS can be reliably used to price and manage business
  • Compliance – Axiom RPPS satisfies SR 11-7 (Federal Reserve Guidance on Model Risk Management) and OCC Bulletin 2011-12 (OCC Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management)



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