7 ways Axiom software empowers remote work in colleges and universities


The global pandemic has reshaped how people work — perhaps forever — as home becomes the new office.

Syntellis’ Axiom™ Higher Education Suite supports online working and collaboration, with full features and functionality. Discover 7 ways Axiom empowers your team to do their best work, regardless of location.

  1. Access data from anywhere. If you have internet access and login credentials, you’re in. Axiom features comprehensive auditing capabilities and 99.95% uptime.
  2. Know the status of your docs. Playing spreadsheet seek and find is no fun. Axiom’s approval workflows make it easy to track each step, from input through approvals to keep the process moving.
  3. Integrate disparate data sets. Locating and connecting disjointed data shouldn’t delay or limit your analysis capabilities. Axiom integrates with student information systems, HR, and general ledger systems to create a single source of truth.
  4. Avoid version confusion. Since data is real time and validated, as long as you’re connected to the Internet, you’ll always access the latest information.
  5. Automatic reporting. Dashboards and KPIs for standard or ad hoc reports can be emailed to recipients as a link they can view after logging in.
  6. Tight security protocols. Software access is configurable based on job roles, so employees can only access what they’re authorized to see.
  7. Support remote decision-making. Compile budget requests, commitment planning, capital planning (with remote scoring) and scenario details in reports so participants can videoconference and make informed decisions.


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