Finding the Best Partner: Syntellis vs. Strata Decision

Choosing the right Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) platform is foundational to the success of your organization. Learn how two of the most popular, healthcare-specific EPM platforms – Syntellis' Axiom and Strata Decision's StrataJazz – stack up so that you can determine the best fit for your hospital or health system.

The Syntellis Difference: Axiom vs. StrataJazz

Data Extensibility

Unlike StrataJazz, which takes a one-size-fits-all approach with a rigid data structure, Axiom offers the flexibility to bring in whatever data you want and makes it immediately available for reporting — including on-the-fly capabilities — and other applications within your organization.

Data Extraction Capabilities

With Axiom, data extraction is easy, fast, and secure. With Strata, you can expect difficulties extracting data out of the system and into an enterprise data warehouse, making reporting even harder.


Syntellis’ implementation consultants are seasoned experts who have been in your shoes and are able to work with your existing methodologies, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach.


Syntellis won't nickel and dime you as your organization grows regardless of data volume and requests for data model modifications. There’s no need to worry about a data threshold or additional fees for episodic analytics or equipment replacement, allowing you to scale your organization without software cost concerns.

Andrew Dire
“It’s not just the efficiency gains — it’s all the things we can do with Axiom that we never could do before. It’s a huge help to definitively answer questions we could previously only guess at.”
Andrew Dire
Controller, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
Ben Moncher of Fisher Titus
"Data import in Axiom is incredibly easy, especially when it’s a standard field. The pairing that Axiom does on the back end creates a true data warehouse that connects many different data sources."
Ben Moncher
Senior Director of Finance, Fisher-Titus Medical Center
Jeff Blankenship
I get most of my information straight from Axiom. I rarely go into the general ledger system, and I love being able to see decision support data and management reporting data in the same place."
Jeff Blankenship
CFO, West Tennessee Healthcare

Axiom Healthcare Suite

The most comprehensive product suite on the market, Axiom offers healthcare leaders strategy-based performance software that makes it easy to model the future and analyze results.

The suite includes:

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Comparative Analytics dashboard

Improve operations and financial performance with the most accurate hospital/physician benchmarking data and easiest submission process. Our software makes performance improvement and cost conversations easier by giving you the market context needed to ensure a healthy bottom line.


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Clinical Analytics Dashboard

Quickly identify areas for improvement, while providing simultaneous access to utilization, quality, patient satisfaction, and cost data, alongside internal and external benchmarks. Target undesirable variation in care to eliminate or decrease performance gaps.


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Axiom Decision Support for Healthcare

Drive performance and decision-making with a single, trusted source of financial and clinical performance measures, including insightful views of volume, cost, and profitability. Next generation cost accounting is possible with sophisticated cost assignment methods that provide transparency into performance across patient populations and service lines.

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Keep your financial plans in sync using consistent assumptions to provide holistic short- and long-term outlooks that support informed decisions. Improve efficiency by eliminating the manual input of data from source systems with a direct integration from Axiom Enterprise Decision Support.


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Our contract modeling and analytics tool helps organizations better predict and manage payments and leverage a data-driven approach for payer negotiations. Estimate net revenue by patient and better manage contracts, claims, and payments.


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Manage cash and liquidity in real time, giving your organization the flexibility to maximize working capital. Our software provides end-to-end cash visibility using modeling and reporting tools that improve accuracy by replacing manual spreadsheet maintenance with automation to eliminate error-prone processes and prevent single points of failure. 


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For provider-sponsored health plans, Axiom software provides specific health plan budgeting capabilities to provide a holistic view of finances and streamline budgeting tasks across your healthcare enterprise. Track and plan the profitability of each insurance product, as well as view real-time results of the health plan’s impact to overall organizational results.


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Connect operational, financial and capital planning. Our FP&A solutions utilize service line analysis and other best-practice approaches to streamline financial processes so organizations can accurately plan for the future. Solutions include Budgeting, Financial Planning, Rolling Forecasting, and Capital Planning and Tracking. 


Axiom key capabilities:


The pillars of Axiom
  • Flexible, user-friendly interface simplifies financial planning 
  • Unmatched scalability provides ability to add data and capabilities as needed
  • Robust technology powers reports in minutes, not hours
  • Automated data flow brings faster, more timely insights
  • Open integration ensures ability to connect with any data source for clean, trusted data 
  • Unified platform offers simplified data access and analysis
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure reduces IT burden

Industry Awards and Recognition

Syntellis’ Axiom Healthcare Suite consistently earns high marks from analysts and customers alike. See for yourself!


11 of the Top 15 health systems rely on the Axiom™ Healthcare Suite

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