Hands-On Lab: Advanced Spreadsheet Reporting



2-Day Online Course, Group Internet Based

Available Dates

  • September 4 – 5, 2024


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Course Description

Axiom software provides enhanced spreadsheets to transform data into insightful reports and dashboards. In this course that expands on the spreadsheet fundamentals learned in Axiom Intelligence, you will develop best practices in creating robust spreadsheet reports using advanced techniques such as nesting Axiom queries to dynamically group and build data structures in a report. Additionally, you will learn to use Axiom diagnostic tools to troubleshoot and tune spreadsheets for high-performance and usability. 


Course Length and Delivery Method

2 Day, Group Internet Based






Primary Users, Data Analysts, Report Writers, Report Modifiers



Axiom Essentials and Axiom Intelligence (Live or Virtual)
Axiom Academy Certification - Fundamentals and Report Writing (before April 2022)


Advanced Preparation



Field of Study

Computer Software and Applications


Program Level



Learning Objectives

Module 1: Advanced Spreadsheet Reports

  • Define advanced spreadsheet reports and contrast with other Axiom intelligence files
  • Identify use cases for advanced spreadsheet reports
  • List best practices for creating efficient and interactive spreadsheet reports

Module 2: Variables and Data Lookups

  • Configure the Variables sheet
  • Differentiate Data Lookups from Axiom Queries
  • Add Data Lookups to a report

Module 3: Nested and Parallel Queries

  • Identify use cases for multiple queries
  • Create reports with Nested and Parallel Queries
  • Decipher a complex report that uses multiple queries

Module 4: Stacked and Horizontal Queries

  • Identify use cases for Stacked and Horizontal Queries
  • Create reports that use Stacked queries
  • Use a Horizontal Query to populate a field definition row

Module 5: Axiom diagnostic tools

  • Enable Axiom diagnostic tools
  • Generate a diagnostic report
  • List best practices when using spreadsheet formulas
  • Troubleshoot and optimize a slow performing report 


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