Upcoming Webinar

Drive Strategic Growth with Referral Patterns Data


PT | 1:00 PM ET - 2:00 PM ET
Length of time
60 minutes

Healthcare organizations strive to grow their service market by providing relevant care to more patients. This growth relies on healthcare leaders having access to scarce and complex market data to drive sound strategic decisions.  

To support leaders in their strategic decision-making, Syntellis is launching the Referral Patterns module, part of Axiom™ Market Opportunity Visualization. This module leverages our proprietary All-Payer Claims Dataset (APCD) and relies on 837 data to help healthcare leaders identify physician referral leakage in specific service areas.  

Join Syntellis experts to learn how Referral Patterns makes it easy to align growth and retention strategy with physicians by helping you: 

  • Map referrals to and from physicians within a service area to better understand referral patterns, patient interactions, and facility loyalties 
  • View cases performed and revenue generated by individual physicians and facilities