Upcoming Webinar

Learn How to Avoid the Pain of Budgeting Season


ET | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT
Length of time
60 minutes

Each year you go through the same grueling, arduous process…formulate your inputs, crunch the numbers, run the outcomes, revise the data. It takes months of preparation, only for it to be outdated the minute you get into the new year. 

As defeating as that might feel, there is an easier way. There are steps to streamline the process, save time and have more accurate information on which to base your business decisions. 

Join us to learn more about a budgeting and planning solution that allows you to easily deliver timely and accurate information while adapting to changing market and business conditions.

  • Initiate and seed your plan with historical data
  • Establish cash flow projections as your NIM foundation
  • Organize fixed asset requests
  • Connect fees to planned balances
  • Construct rule-based loan loss allowances
  • Incorporate scheduled consolidations
  • Understand the impact of decisions

Hear the process, have the ability to get answers to your questions, and walk away feeling better prepared for your next planning season.