Develop multi-year financial and capital plans that are integrated with your operational budget

capital planning software

Our software solutions help finance professionals develop financial and capital plans, which are integrated with operational budgets and rolling forecasts, to guide their business both short-term and long-term.


Align strategic objectives and capital initiatives to overall financial performance by quantifying the impact on the balance sheet and cash flow.

Benefits of Financial & Capital Planning with Axiom Software


Define the Right Approach
Capture the goals and initiatives needed to advance the organization's strategy

Model Scenarios
Pinpoint impact on revenue, cost, profit, debt, and capital structure

Establish Measures
Define, capture, calculate, and publish key performance indicators and metrics

Display Visual Reports
Create highly visual dashboards to monitor progress and course-correct

Empower Investment
Define, evaluate, and select key strategic initiatives and capital investments

Improve Outcomes
Create long-range strategic plans, track KPIs, and monitor progress

Start evaluating the impact of multi-year capital projects on finances

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Looking for the technical details?

Our powerful, extensible and easy to use Axiom Cloud platform provides scalability, integration, performance, and security 

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