A diverse team of experts with specialized skills in GIS mapping, health analysis, and data handling offer individualized guidance to help healthcare organizations identify when, where, and how to grow.

Operational Budgeting

Leverage data and expert insights to drive strategic planning

The evolving landscape of healthcare requires year-round strategic planning and reliable tools for measuring progress.

Planning professionals need timely insight, actionable information, and answers to their leading questions, including:

  • Where should we build the next urgent care facility?  

  • What marketing programs are working effectively?  

  • Which service lines should we grow?  

Syntellis’ healthcare market advisory services provide insights and analysis that guide strategic planners toward solutions with a high probability of success.

Physician Referral

Enhance physician referral processes with intelligence and strategy insights proven to boost patient retention

Syntellis’ physician referral service delivers reliable and detailed views of physician patterns and opportunities to grow or expand service areas. With an awareness of inbound and outbound physician referral patterns, physician relations departments will be able to attract new patients, grow physicians services, and maximize in-network transfer of patients.

Expansion & Business Development

Acquiring healthcare facilities increases market share — we’ll help you make wise choices when adding physicians, service lines, beds, and clinical expertise

Healthcare planning teams need actionable intelligence to develop growth strategies and analyze market opportunities. Before investing millions of dollars in your next decision, let our team of experts provide the insights and analysis you need for confident decision-making.

Community Health

Dedicated services for healthcare organizations that serve their communities

Community health organizations have a tremendous opportunity to improve the health and well-being of those who need it most. A well-executed Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) facilitates a connection between communities and hospitals, highlighting opportunities to work together to support the population.

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