Axiom Data Exchange integrates patient-specific data from Epic® in your costing model

Axiom Data Exchange is an innovative connection between the Axiom Healthcare suite and Epic. It will structure and streamline how you integrate selected data from Epic into the Axiom Enterprise Decision Support solutions – ranked #1 by healthcare organizations for Enterprise Business Decision Support and Cost Accounting Solutions according to Black Book. 

You’ll spend less time gathering patient-level costs while increasing cost accuracy.


Benefits of Axiom Data Exchange

  • Will enhance integration with Epic by providing:

    • ‘Out-of-the-box’ API-based data connectors from Epic for all core data fields required for Axiom Enterprise Decision Support
    • Increased access to data elements in Epic’s specialty applications (surgery, pharmacy, etc.) to integrate patient-specific cost information, including time-based drivers, to more accurately report the cost of care using Enterprise Decision Support’s advanced costing methodologies
  • Will reduce an organization’s IT commitment by eliminating:
    • Demands on your IT resources to own the initial mapping of required data elements from Epic to Axiom software
    • Ongoing maintenance of the integration references, including staying current as needed with Epic updates

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