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Many colleges and universities experience challenges with capital planning and tracking because they lack a structured and disciplined approach for managing and allocating capital.

Axiom Capital Planning and Tracking combines best practice higher education and corporate finance principles into a powerful solution that enables institutions to:

  • Determine how much to invest in capital projects to support strategic plans

  • Evaluate capital requests objectively and consistently

  • Use objective ranking methods to prioritize capital requests

  • Monitor approved capital projects


We help evaluate, rank, and monitor capital requests

Create and evaluate multi-year capital projects and their impact on the balance sheet, cash flow, and statement of activities.


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EdTech Award 2019

Top 20 Innovator in EdTech

“Combines in-depth higher education expertise with industry-leading technology and planning solutions to address the complex organizational needs of today’s institutions.” 

Adam Rubens, Managing Editor
Technology Innovators Magazine


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