A single view of financial data from disparate sources within one system

Integrating Axiom Higher Education Suite with Ellucian's general ledger, human resources, and student information systems gives your team a 360-degree view of critical expense, revenue, and other financial data to inform operational budgeting and long-range planning. Your reports and dashboards include a single view of financial data from disparate sources with the ability to drill-down to transactional details to determine root causes and course correct as necessary. 

Our clients who have integrated Ellucian system data with Axiom have experienced reduced budget cycle time, reporting efficiencies, and the ability to take action quickly.

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Ellucian Technology Partner Award

"We are thrilled that Axiom’s Higher Education Suite is now Ethos Connected, as it provides institutions with the ability to choose a financial planning solution that will seamlessly connect with its existing technology infrastructure. Connecting the community of applications it takes to run an institution not only eases the integration maintenance for IT and dismantles internal silos, but it also enables universities to make informed and coordinated decisions and focus on delivering exceptional student experiences."

Senior Director of Partnerships, Ellucian




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