FP&A Software Proven to Save Money, Increase Productivity

Axiom enterprise planning solutions provide hospitals and health systems with the tools and transparency needed to model the future and analyze the results. 

A third-party analysis shows that a typical healthcare organization with $200 million in annual capital spending, 19 locations, and 50 full-time employees responsible for reconciling budget data would generate a return on investment (ROI) of 43% and see a payback in 9.7 months through improved workflow processes and better data quality.  

Using Axiom enterprise planning solutions, the average healthcare organization experiences: 

  • 75% reduction in time spent reconciling data and creating budgets 

  • 10% less time spent on capital planning and tracking 

  • 75% faster budget reporting 

  • 0.5% increase in capital projects internal rate of return (IRR) 


Powerful Tools to Drive Organizational Efficiency

Engage in true enterprise planning with best-practice budget methodologies to streamline budgeting processes, enhance efficiency, and highlight variances 

Rolling Forecasting
Accurately predict future results based on the most up-to-date financial assumptions to support strategic and tactical planning success

Capital Planning & Tracking
Evaluate each capital request objectively against the strategic plan, prioritize activities, and monitor every step from project proposal to completion. 

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"It’s not just the efficiency gains — it’s all the things we can do with Axiom that we never could do before. It’s a huge help to definitively answer questions we could previously only guess at."

– Andrew Dire, Controller at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center