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“The payer gets the same scrubbed data as we do. Axiom provides an incredibly accurate reconciliation with the payer. No longer are there any issues with payers proposing unfavorable contracts — since the payers know how good we are at modeling using Axiom, they don’t mess around.”
— Director, Contract and Payer Relations

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Improve the collection of underpayments, negotiate better pricing, reduce denials of payments, and reduce overhead. Discover how Axiom makes this possible for healthcare institutions like yours.

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Modeling Healthcare Contracts to Maximize Revenue

Identify Top Payers and Use Data-Based Negotiations to Boost ROI

Accurate Contract Modeling

Perform ‘what-if’ modeling against proposed changes in a payer's contract terms to understand financial impacts and maximize your net revenue. Be informed when entering contract negotiations. Our solution makes it easy - define a contract model or clone an existing one, edit the contract terms as needed, apply the model to a defined patient population via your historical claims, and compare the results.

Profitable Payment Compliance

Monitor the variance between actual payments versus expected to maximize revenue. Our solution allows you to monitor each payer’s payment performance against contract terms using actual claims to get accurate expected payments for the patient population.

Efficient Denials Analysis

Improve the revenue cycle process and shorten time to payment by identifying and solving the root causes of denials. Quickly resolve denied claims and increase productivity in patient accounting by leveraging workflow management tools to focus follow-up efforts on the highest value claims.

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