Kaufman Hall Named a Top 20 Innovator in EdTech by Technology Innovators Magazine

Axiom software earns prestigious distinction for helping higher education institutions make better financial decisions

Note: Kaufman Hall Software is now Syntellis Performance Solutions.

CHICAGO August 5, 2019 – Kaufman Hall, a leading provider of enterprise performance management software, data and management consulting services, announced today that it has been recognized as one of the Top 20 Innovators in EdTech in 2019 by Technology Innovators Magazine.

Technology Innovators' Subject Matter Experts team recognizes companies across industries based on their technological expertise, advanced products and services, and strength in adapting to the digital age. For the magazine’s 2019 education edition, Kaufman Hall’s Axiom Higher Education Suite was recognized as an intuitive, flexible, and powerful budgeting and planning platform for improving higher education financial sustainability.

“Kaufman Hall takes a unique digital approach to help colleges and universities make better financial decisions,” said Adam Rubens, managing editor of Technology Innovators. “It combines in-depth higher education expertise with industry-leading technology and planning solutions to address the complex organizational needs of today’s institutions. We are honored to award the firm the recognition of ‘Top 20 Innovators in EdTech 2019.’”

Kaufman Hall’s Axiom Higher Education Suite is designed to optimize enterprise performance management and supports a variety of planning needs for colleges and universities of all sizes. The suite includes solutions for long-range planning, budgeting and forecasting, reporting and analytics, capital planning, tuition planning, labor planning, and grants planning on a single, integrated, cloud-based software platform. The Axiom Higher Education Suite empowers finance professionals to analyze results, model the future, and optimize organizational decision making.

“We are honored to be recognized as a Top 20 Innovator in education technology by Technology Innovators Magazine,” said Kermit Randa, chief executive officer of Kaufman Hall Software. “We are proud that more and more universities are recognizing the value of our Axiom platform for financial planning and budgeting. By enabling colleges and universities to efficiently assess the viability of financial plans and initiatives, Axiom helps improve financial performance and secure a brighter future for higher education.”

The Axiom Higher Education Suite continues to gain adoption from higher education institutions that seek to bolster their financial management.

“The University of North Texas Health Science Center used to rely on spreadsheets for budgeting,” said Margaret Ambuehl, financial systems director, University of North Texas Science Center. “We needed a solution that enabled us to complete a whole budget on the internet and generate operational and financial reports. We wanted all the information in one place, and we wanted it all to be browser-based. Axiom provided the most comprehensive set of tools and capabilities.”

Top 20 Innovators award


About Kaufman Hall

Kaufman Hall provides a unique combination of software, management consulting and data solutions to help society’s foundational institutions to realize sustained success amid changing market conditions. Since 1985, Kaufman Hall has been a trusted advisor to boards and executive management teams, helping them incorporate proven methods, rigorous analytics and industry-leading solutions into their strategic planning and financial management processes, with a focus on achieving their most challenging goals.

Kaufman Hall services use a rigorous, disciplined, and structured approach that is based on the principles of corporate finance. The breadth and integration of Kaufman Hall advisory services are unparalleled, encompassing strategy; financial and capital planning; cost transformation; treasury and capital markets management; and mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and joint ventures.

Kaufman Hall software includes the Axiom Software Suite, providing sophisticated, flexible performance management solutions that empower finance professionals to analyze results, model the future, and optimize organizational decision making. Solutions for long-range planning, budgeting and forecasting, performance reporting, capital planning, and cost accounting deliver decision support, reporting, and analytics within an integrated software platform. Kaufman Hall’s Clinical Analytics empower healthcare organizations with clinical benchmarks, data, and analytics to provide a higher quality of care for optimized performance and improved patient outcomes. 


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