Kaufman Hall Partnership with Ellucian Makes Enterprise Performance Management Easier for Higher Education Institutions

Colleges and universities advance and accelerate their ability to make data-driven decisions for improved short-term and long-term financial performance

Note: Kaufman Hall Software is now Syntellis Performance Solutions.

CHICAGO – April 08, 2019 – Kaufman Hall, a leading provider of enterprise performance management software, data and management consulting services, announced today a growing roster of common clients with Ellucian, a leading provider of software and services built to power higher education. 

Montana State University, University of Alabama, West Virginia University and others, will benefit from the combined data and powerful functionality of Kaufman Hall’s Axiom Higher Education Suite and Ellucian’s software.

Kaufman Hall’s Axiom Higher Education Suite helps institutions improve their budgeting, forecasting, and long-range financial planning processes, ultimately helping colleges and universities find bold ways to overcome challenges and realize their mission. Integrating Axiom’s powerful capabilities with Ellucian’s solutions for general ledger, human resources, and student information system data, provides institutions the ability to advance data-driven decisions that improve short-term and long-term financial performance.

“Many higher education institutions are facing enormous amounts of change and disruption. To tackle these challenges head on, our clients leverage the power of Axiom to create a single view of highly- valued information that enables them to act faster and more effectively.” said Kermit Randa, CEO, Kaufman Hall Software. “Ellucian develops solutions that power the essential work of colleges and universities. We look forward to deepening our partnership and integration with them. We share a common goal to empower colleges and universities as they navigate the evolving environment.”

Colleges and universities across the nation are quickly learning that high-value technology solutions, like Axiom, are creating efficiencies that allow their teams to stay focused on what matters most - achieving their mission. 

West Virginia University
“Enrollment data is a vital part of our university financial planning process. Integrating Ellucian Banner into Axiom will provide our users the most accurate enrollment information to better forecast and analyze financial impacts of enrollment changes,” said Matt Tidd, CPA, MPA, chief university budget officer of West Virginia University. “With the Banner information we are incorporating into Axiom, we are also able to plan tuition and fees by major and better understand retention and progression rates.”

Montana State University
“With Axiom Software, I was able to write an ad-hoc report in 1.5 hours, which saved a colleague weeks of work,” said Megan Lasso, budget and fiscal manager, Montana State University. “Our old system required that we download a lot of information from different sources and then manually input several adjustments. Axiom Software does all of this – and more – for us.”
University of Alabama
“As the University of Alabama begins implementation of Kaufman Hall’s Axiom software, we are very excited about the benefits the partnership with Ellucian will bring,” said Julie Shelton, associate vice president of the University of Alabama. “We believe this partnership will add value to the reporting and overall planning we expect to gain from the Axiom Software.”

Kaufman Hall will demonstrate the value of its Axiom software in Booth 919 at Ellucian Live 2019, taking place from April 7-10 in New Orleans.

About Kaufman Hall
Kaufman Hall provides a unique combination of software, management consulting and data solutions to help society’s foundational institutions to realize sustained success amid changing market conditions. Since 1985, Kaufman Hall has been a trusted advisor to boards and executive management teams, helping them incorporate proven methods, rigorous analytics and industry-leading solutions into their strategic planning and financial management processes, with a focus on achieving their most challenging goals. 

Kaufman Hall services use a rigorous, disciplined, and structured approach that is based on the principles of corporate finance. The breadth and integration of Kaufman Hall advisory services are unparalleled, encompassing strategy; financial and capital planning; performance improvement; treasury and capital markets management; and mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and joint ventures.

Kaufman Hall software includes the Axiom Software Suite, providing sophisticated, flexible performance management solutions that empower finance professionals to analyze results, model the future, and optimize organizational decision making. Solutions for long-range planning, budgeting and forecasting, performance reporting, capital planning, and cost accounting deliver decision support, reporting, and analytics within an integrated software platform. Kaufman Hall’s clinical analytics solutions empower healthcare organizations with clinical benchmarks, data, and analytics to provide a higher quality of care for optimized performance and improved patient outcomes.