Syntellis Launches Focus Pathway: A Claims Visualization Solution That Transforms Healthcare Data into Actionable Intelligence

New data insight solution helps healthcare organizations uncover executive-level growth and business development opportunities

CHICAGO – November 1, 2022 – Syntellis Performance Solutions, the leading provider of enterprise performance management software, data and intelligence solutions, today announced the launch of Focus Pathway — a robust claims visualization platform that transforms healthcare claims data into actionable intelligence. Focus Pathway is a solution by Stratasan — a company that Syntellis recently acquired. The combined power of Syntellis and Stratasan technologies will accelerate data-driven, comprehensive decision-making for healthcare organizations across the country.

Focus Pathway is a data analytics solution that helps hospitals, health systems and large medical groups improve strategic growth planning and business development. Focus Pathway uses the comprehensive and curated All-Payer Claims Data dataset — central to the Stratasan solution suite — to uncover executive-level insights quickly and efficiently using an easy-to-navigate interface. The solution uses claims data to uncover market opportunities with no limitations on care settings or procedure codes and without the need for a highly technical skillset.

“Focus Pathway gives healthcare executives access to claims insights in minutes, rather than weeks or months,” said Flint Brenton, CEO of Syntellis Performance Solutions. “Using strategic data insights provided by Focus Pathway, healthcare leaders have the ability to grow market share, reduce out migration, attract and retain more patients, and even align referrals strategy with the easy-to-understand claims insights and visualizations across all care settings and procedure codes that Focus Pathway offers. It’s game-changing in terms of making data-driven decisions quickly and easily.”

Unlike other healthcare claims visualization tools on the market, Focus Pathway allows users to build their own ad-hoc reports with customizable data inputs, allowing them to quickly create new views and define their market as needed. Focus Pathway includes two modules:

  • The Patient Origin & Out-Migration Module: Providing insights about where and how patients seek care so strategic planners at hospitals and health systems can identify opportunities for growth, increase patient value and address potential reasons for out-migration
  • The Referral Module: Offering data-driven insights hospitals and health systems need to better align with physicians to reduce referral leakage and retain more patients

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