Syntellis Performance Solutions Introduces Axiom 365

Advanced data-enabled solutions deliver enhanced and measurable outcomes to elevate organizational success

CHICAGO – Jan. 18, 2023 - Syntellis Performance Solutions, the leading provider of enterprise performance management software, data and intelligence solutions, today announced Axiom 365. Developed with the CFO, office of finance, and chief strategist in mind, Axiom 365 is a collection of new and modernized data-enabled solutions that leverage business logic to deliver operational, financial, and strategic outcomes to healthcare, higher education, and financial institutions. 

Axiom 365 guides strategic and financial decision-making by enabling quick and precise analysis and reporting on business performance. These solutions – including the newly introduced Axiom Visual Insights – are built on Syntellis’ modern technology stack, leveraging a comprehensive set of application programming interfaces and predictive artificial intelligence to drive strategic planning capabilities and organizational success.

“The combination of our Axiom 365 applications, award-winning data and business intelligence solutions, and market-leading Syntellis IQ capabilities will produce quantifiable customer outcomes like no one else in the industry,” said Flint Brenton, CEO of Syntellis Performance Solutions. “With Axiom 365, Syntellis further empowers finance and strategy leaders to make wiser, faster business decisions for their companies.” 

The first Axiom 365 solution being introduced is Axiom Visual Insights. Axiom Visual Insights empowers organizations to easily combine complex and disparate data sets and provides self-service tools to create and edit data models and produce timely, dynamic visualizations without IT involvement. This solution incorporates a refreshed user interface built on inputs from the user experience. Organizations now can pull in data from external data sources and other Axiom solutions, including Axiom Budgeting, Axiom Financial Planning, and more.

“We developed Axiom Visual Insights knowing that organizations manage massive amounts of data which often come from various source systems and don’t always connect to each other,” added Brenton. “This new Axiom solution makes it simpler for finance leaders and their teams to quickly make data-driven decisions that accelerate organizational performance and results.”

Additional Axiom 365 applications will be introduced throughout 2023 that will further combine data, intelligence, and predictive analytics with modern software applications and easy interfaces to deliver outcomes for customers. These include critical healthcare insights that will provide a quick, simple, and timely way to view how organizations compare to others; capital benchmarks for healthcare organizations to help users remain competitive by justifying capital purchases; and other market benchmarking capabilities for financial institutions. 

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Syntellis Performance Solutions provides innovative enterprise performance management software, data, and intelligence solutions for healthcare, higher education, and financial institutions. Syntellis’ solutions include Axiom, Connected Analytics, and Stratasan software. These solutions help finance professionals elevate performance by acquiring insights, accelerating decisions, and advancing their business plans. With over 2,800 organizations and 450,000 users relying on its solutions, Syntellis has proven industry expertise in helping organizations transform their visions into reality. For more information, please visit

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