Syntellis Performance Solutions Introduces Axiom™ Tuition Revenue Planning for Universities and Colleges

New web-based tuition planning solution provides flexible modeling and advanced planning capabilities to deliver precise projections of tuition and fee revenue

CHICAGO ― July 13, 2023 ― Syntellis Performance Solutions, the leading provider of enterprise performance management software, data and intelligence solutions, today announced the availability of Axiom™ Tuition Revenue Planning. The web-based software solution is designed to drive even greater operational efficiency and institution-wide collaboration, helping colleges and universities develop more accurate financial projections of tuition and fee revenue.

Axiom Tuition Revenue Planning leverages a next-generation user interface giving users the flexibility to model an unlimited number of financial scenarios and the capability to plan with a greater level of detail by mixing and matching drivers and assumptions, such as enrollment fluctuations, student melt, and differential tuition rates. University and college finance leaders are also able to easily compare potential courses of action by modeling new programs and evaluating existing ones.

“Given the economic and operational complexities facing higher education institutions, it’s critical for colleges and universities to have an accurate projection of tuition and fee revenue for budgeting as well as long-range planning purposes,” said Flint Brenton, CEO of Syntellis Performance Solutions. “Our modernized tuition revenue planning solution provides an advanced transformative approach to empower higher education institutions to operate with more flexibility and resiliency and emerge on stronger footing from today’s challenges and better prepare for those of the future.”

This enhanced tuition revenue planning solution is a powerful addition to the Axiom Higher Education Suite, which provides comprehensive solutions for budgeting and forecasting, labor planning, strategic financial planning, capital planning & tracking, allocations, grants, and commitments planning. In addition to obtaining more accurate projections of tuition revenue, other features of Axiom Tuition Revenue Planning include the capacity to:

  • Create accurate tuition and fee projections based on current student-level data
  • Perform scenario analysis through flexible modeling to proactively assess the impact of potential future events and disruptions
  • Integrate with other planning processes, such as the operating budget and long-range planning, so assumptions, drivers, and scenarios are consistently used

To learn more and request a demo, please visit Tuition Planning Software for Colleges & Universities | Syntellis.

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