Syntellis Performance Solutions Introduces New Strategic Financial Planning Solution for Universities and Colleges

New product modernizes financial planning, budgeting and forecasting to address dynamic market conditions facing higher education


CHICAGO – July 18, 2022 – Syntellis Performance Solutions, the leading provider of enterprise performance management software, data and intelligence solutions, announced today the release of Axiom™ Strategic Financial Planning to help higher education institutions better plan, budget, forecast and report on financials. This innovative new solution will drive greater operational efficiency and improved profitability analysis to guide accurate mid- and long-term financial plans.

The web-based Axiom Strategic Financial Planning solution leverages a next-generation user interface, a modern platform design, and higher education-specific features to provide robust scenario modeling capabilities that empower colleges and universities to make informed decisions about new or improved revenue streams and the allocation of financial resources. Capabilities include:

  • Ability to evaluate the multi-year financial impact of initiatives by generating a full GAAP-based statement of activities, balance sheet, and cash flow reports
  • Flexibility to instantly create and compare infinite scenarios, supporting stakeholder collaboration and expediting decision-making
  • Capacity to model the financial impacts of additional debt and capital investments, including various funding options that flow through the financial statements
  • A framework for financial goals and funding thresholds to inform the operating budget, capital planning and tuition planning processes
  • Capacity to evaluate KPIs and compare performance against peer institutions or track against Moody’s targets through intuitive live dashboards

“Faced with inflation, decreased funding, and greater competition for students and staff, universities and colleges need to define multi-year financial strategies to prepare for dynamic market conditions,” said Flint Brenton, CEO of Syntellis. “Leveraging data and fully evaluating the impact of internal and external drivers is critical but outside the scope of what most institutions are capable of today. A modern financial planning solution such as Axiom Strategic Financial Planning equips higher education leaders with the insights needed to make sound decisions and the agility to respond quickly to any shifts in market conditions."

The addition of Axiom Strategic Financial Planning to Syntellis’ robust Higher Education Suite of intelligent planning and performance solutions will help universities and colleges create and fully vet mid- and long-term financial plans to strengthen their overall financial position. Customers can develop an unlimited number of driver-based models, forecast the impact on financial statements, gain approvals from across their institution and communicate financial plans and performance to key stakeholders.


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