Syntellis Performance Solutions Unveils Advantage Program to Maximize Software Value and Accelerate Clients’ Financial Progress

A comprehensive, interrelated set of implementation, learning and support services speed time to value and offer long-term rewards

CHICAGO July 7, 2020 – Syntellis Performance Solutions, a leading provider of enterprise performance management software, data and analytics solutions for healthcare, higher education and financial institutions, today announced the launch of its Advantage Program, a comprehensive set of interrelated implementation, learning and support services designed to maximize the immediate and long-term value clients receive from their Axiom Software solutions.

The Advantage Program will benefit both new and existing Axiom Software clients and includes self-service, virtual, and in-person opportunities for clients to learn how to get the most out of their investment — including a new client portal, Syntellis Central, which leverages a robust search-engine to provide access to thousands of training materials, technical help, product announcements, upcoming events, support tickets, and more.

“With Syntellis’ recent spin-off from Kaufman Hall and our acquisition of Change Healthcare’s Connected Analytics capabilities, we are investing in new ways to help our clients advance their business plans and achieve their missions,” said Kermit S. Randa, chief executive officer of Syntellis Performance Solutions. “The Advantage program helps ensure clients realize the highest value possible from their financial performance software, data and analytics tools during this time when focus on financial management and improvement is at a record high.”

Randa continued: “The Advantage Program meets clients where they are, regardless of size or experience level, to ensure users can easily continue to gain knowledge and experience with our solutions so they can maximize ROI, increase engagement and promote their organizations’ long-term success.”

Advantage Program components were informed by extensive client research conducted over the past year and designed in close collaboration with healthcare, higher education, and financial institution experts. This feedback was used to further enhance current services offerings — such as implementation and Academy instruction — and deliver information through a convenient, modern interface in Syntellis Central. Clients will seamlessly navigate these offerings through single sign-on, and will learn details of each Advantage Program component in a webinar series launching later this month.

A Comprehensive Set of Implementation, Learning and Support Services

  • Implementation. Syntellis’ team of industry experts guide clients through every step of an Axiom implementation to ensure the system strategically aligns to each client’s business goals and positively impacts the user’s day-to-day experiences. This implementation approach minimizes demand on staff resources while ensuring adoption across the organization. In addition to technical guidance and deployment, services include comprehensive user training and documented best-practice system design guided by seasoned industry experts.
  • Learning. The foundation of the Advantage Program is flexible learning options that meet the needs of our clients to encourage continued adoption of Axiom Software and help new users learn the system quickly. These options include Axiom Academy, which offers focused onsite instructor-led courses, but also a wide range of virtual training options including online classes, webinars, videos and supporting documentation that accommodate self-paced training. Learning options also include three-day certification courses on topics such as report writing, system administration, and more.
  • Support. Clients can search more than 8,300 resources within Syntellis Central, the new client portal where users can browse technical training materials, view the upcoming learning calendar, submit a support ticket, find the status of a support case, and more. One centralized location and single sign-on make finding information fast and easy, helping clients maximize the value of their software investment. Expanded support offerings also include a dedicated Client Relationship Executive for each client to ensure 1:1 support extends well beyond the implementation phase and bi-monthly webinars focused on solving unique challenges facing healthcare, higher education, and financial institutions, as well as answering clients’ most frequently asked questions.

“As a company focused exclusively on software and data, Syntellis Performance Solutions is able to further expand the world-class service its clients are used to receiving from Kaufman Hall Software,” said M.K White, executive vice president of client services. “The Advantage Program demonstrates our commitment to deliver a broader set of client success initiatives, and we look forward to helping new and existing clients discover new ways of using our solutions to discover valuable insights, elevate performance and achieve their business goals.”


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