The Problem

Coryell Health was considering a large capital investment and needed to determine if the ROI would justify the cost.

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They wanted to provide additional gastric services, particularly bariatric surgery, to their small rural community. In order to bring on the surgeon who could perform these surgeries, they needed to invest in a da Vinci Surgical System. All told, they were looking at a $2.5 million dollar capital investment.

Coryell Health needed concrete numbers to support the board proposal for this capital investment.

They needed insight into the following:

  • What was the expected ROI?
  • How would they draw in patients to support this investment?
  • Which competitors were offering these services?
  • Where were patients in their service area going to have these procedures?


The Solution

Stratasan’s Launch Pathway, Storyboards, and Insights allowed the Coryell Health team to develop a compelling case for why the board should support this capital investment.

With Stratasan’s tools, they could toggle between different scenarios of what was possible if they added this procedure capability to their hospital. They were equipped to:

  • Pull the number of bariatric surgeries happening in their service area and in surrounding markets, allowing them to visualize the potential volume and identify the competition
  • Pull inpatient and outpatient sub-product line volumes
  • Visualize and track outmigration and see how many people were traveling to other service areas for this procedure
  • Track product line volume over time - their percentage of market share and case differential year by year

We used Stratasan’s tools to ask, ‘are we on the right path?’ We wanted to review outmigration of patient flows and secondary clinic volumes. We were able to uncover all of this and more. With Storyboards, they were able to customize, label, and edit their presentation slides. They built a clear presentation for their board and a compelling story with concrete, data-driven evidence.


The Impact

The team was able to prove their point and the board approved the capital investment. The Coryell Health team has been able to move ahead with their da Vinci System purchase and can now better serve their community.

Launch Pathway is so user-friendly! The filters are extremely helpful in providing layered, detailed information. I was able to customize the data with a simple click. Moving forward, the Coryell Health team is using Stratasan’s tools to make strategic marketing decisions, measure their ROI, and ensure they’re achieving the results they expected with this new service line. They’re continuing to track outmigration, with quarterly data updates, to see if it’s diminishing as expected.

Insights made me look like a genius! It’s a great strategic planning tool that confirmed we are making the best use of our resources.