The Problem

Like so many healthcare marketing leaders, Kelly Meigs of Georgia-based Tanner Health System was tasked with doing more with less. She needed an outside partner who could:

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  • Supplement the work done by her team
  • Equip them to track and measure marketing campaigns
  • Provide data-backed insights about market share and growth opportunities

Meigs knew that her marketing team needed fast, reliable, and in-depth information about potential customers in order to build outreach campaigns that could meet specific annual goals.

She was compelled to transform how her marketing team developed plans and how they were tracking results. They needed to be sure their marketing programs were feeding the bottom line so they could continue to serve their community in the best way possible.


The Solution

Stratasan’s Spark Services, the concierge analytics, planning, and execution team at Stratasan. They're a team of experts with specialized skills in GIS mapping, health analysis, and data handling, and they filled the need of a trusted partner for the Tanner team.

The level of expertise that comes with Spark is truly unmatched— there are so many planning, strategic, and mapping experts. -Kelly Meigs, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Planning, Tanner Health System 

Meigs and her team worked with Stratasan’s Spark team to execute multiple valuable market reports: a Strategic Market Analysis (SMA) and a MicroTarget Marketing report.

Stratasan’s SMA provided an overall barometer for how Tanner was performing and defined its existing market share. It also supplied a view into how the competition was doing. “The SMA validated a hunch that our service areas were not set up to strategically perform well,” said Meigs.

Stratasan’s in-depth MicroTarget Marketing report, which provides psychographic and demographic information by block group, opened a whole new world of insights about Tanner’s patient population, including buying habits, outmigration patterns, and lifestyle choices. These critical details led to more informed planning and equipped the Tanner team to put into practice the marketing transformation they were looking for.


The Impact

Tanner’s partnership with Stratasan has allowed Meigs and her team to track campaign results at a level that was never before possible, equipping them to make decisions based on reliable data, and then report the results of their marketing efforts.

My partnership with Stratasan is a perfect example of a fruitful relationship that actually makes my job easier. The team at Stratasan makes me and my department look good and that opens the door for future growth opportunities.