Healthcare organizations have spent years collecting huge amounts of data and struggling to use it to advance the mission. Leaders wonder whether data analytics, reporting, machine learning, or artificial intelligence designed for healthcare will unlock the secret insights hiding in billions of data points … many learn the hard way that there is no silver bullet for leveraging data. 

The trick is a changed mindset. 

Leading hospitals and health systems are rethinking their approach to leveraging healthcare data and adopting a data governance mindset. Data governance includes guidance around the people, processes, and technologies involved in collecting and using data.  

For this e-book, members of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) Financial Analytics Council shared three key components of data governance in healthcare: 

  1. Adopting a leadership structure and best practices for data and analysis 
  2. Collecting the right data and getting it into the hands of the right users 
  3. Measuring the return on data and analytics investment 

Read the e-book to learn about data governance from healthcare leaders and experts, including how organizations remove data silos, collect the right information, and share insights to improve operational and clinical performance.