Just 14% of hospital executives say their clinicians feel they have access to actionable information that helps them address unwarranted clinical variations and other cost-related quality concerns.

Lowering costs remains a priority for most hospitals and health systems, but many wonder: What goals should organizations set to transform costs? What progress are similar organizations making? And what impediments must be addressed?  

Learn the answers to these questions and more by downloading the 2019 State of Healthcare Performance Improvement: Strategy, Technology, and Tactics report. The report provides healthcare leaders with 4 actionable strategies, supported by successful practices that combine performance improvement tactics and technology:

  1. Refine and improve understanding of costs 
  1. Deploy external perspectives and benchmarking to identify improvement opportunities and set goals 
  1. Establish greater accountability for performance improvement goals 
  1. Engage physicians with accurate and actionable data on quality and cost 
Indicators of Physician Engagement


Download the full report now to gain insight on how to cut costs in your organization while increasing performance.