See how Axiom improves relationship analysis and incentivizes profitable growth

Discover how Syntellis’ Axiom™ Relationship Profitability and Pricing System (RPPS) can improve relationship profitability and pricing analysis, incentivize profitable growth and reduce time spent on analysis and reporting.

Third-party research shows that a typical institution with $5 billion in total assets will:

  • Improve its relationship profitability and pricing analysis, increasing return on equity (ROE) by 5 basis points (banks and other financial institutions) or return on assets (ROA) by 1.0 basis point (credit unions)
  • Incentivize profitable growth, increasing ROE by an additional 2.5 basis points (banks and farm credit associations) or ROA by another 1.0 basis point (credit unions)
  • Reduce time spent on profitability analysis and reporting by 33%

Learn how your institution can better understand complex relationships, manage existing portfolios, price new business effectively, and make data-driven decisions with Axiom RPPS.

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