How Axiom software improves profitability and drives efficiency


$13.5 million. That’s the total monetary benefit over 5 years for a typical credit union with $5 billion in total assets that adopts the Axiom Financial Institutions Suite.  


4.1 months. That’s the payback period for your investment.


631% represents the ROI over 5 years.

Drive ROI by improving budgeting, scenario modeling, reporting, profitability management, relationship analysis, and more with the Axiom Financial Institutions Suite — Axiom™ Planning, Axiom™ Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) & Profitability, and Axiom™ Relationship Profitability and Pricing System (RPPS)

The integrated solutions work together to bring efficiency and profitability to dozens of credit unions across the United States. 

Don’t wait! The monthly cost of not adopting the Axiom suite is $195,000 for this size credit union.  

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Monetary benefits of Axiom Financial Suite

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