U.S. hospitals and health systems continue to face a challenging labor environment in 2022.  

This report in partnership with the American Hospital Association (AHA) shares must-read data and insights from 1,000+ hospitals and health systems, including increases in median hourly rates hospitals pay to staff, details on the gap between hourly rates for employed and contracted RNs, changes to hospital leadership structures, and more. 

A quick preview of the Q1 2022 report findings include:  

  • Hospital hourly pay rates increased 29% since Q1 2019 
  • Employed RN hourly rates in March 2022 were 18% above the index 
  • Contract RN hourly rates were up 38% in March 2022 — down from a peak of 243% above index in Jan. 2022 
  • The ratio of staff hours worked to management hours decreased to 7.8 hours for every 1 management hour, continuing a gradual shift in organizational leadership structures since 2019 

Download the full report for more data on the state of healthcare and insights from AHA experts and members.