Axiom Reporting and Analytics platform, powered by Axiom Intelligence, is the financial reporting hub for banks, credit unions, farm credit associations, and other financial institutions, providing finance, operations, and business users with real-time access to insightful and actionable information.

The Intelligence Center is a web-based centralized report library providing a suite of reports, dashboards, and visualizations to guide executive decision-making. Share, export, configure, copy and edit reports from the Intelligence Center. Use multi-pass file processing to filter reports by a dimension (e.g. Dept), generate to PDF or Excel, create report packages, send and file reports.

The Intelligence Center has three components:

  • Data Visualization and Analytics focus users on key performance indicators and data that matters most.
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting provides drag-and-drop technology and template-driven design to respond quickly to stakeholder requests for data and insights.
  • Spreadsheet Reporting lets advanced users create spreadsheets and view data via a familiar Excel interface, leveraging the full spreadsheet calculation engine.
Axiom software visualization on reporting dashboard