Axiom Tuition Revenue Planning, unlocks the ability for higher education leaders to align student and financial data, foster institution-wide collaboration, and perform scenario analysis through flexible modeling.

Institutions can easily compare potential courses of action by modeling new programs and varying assumptions for existing programs.

Axiom Tuition Revenue Planning enables colleges and universities to:

  • Integrate data from multiple source systems (e.g., student, general ledger [GL])
  • Develop more accurate projections of tuition revenue and fees as well as adjustments like scholarships, waivers, and differentials
  • Understand how different drivers impact financial outcomes
  • Create scenarios that show the impact of growth/reduction enrollment assumptions, tuition rate changes, differential tuition rates, and the effects of adding new programs
  • Integrate with other planning processes, such as the operating budget and long-range planning, so assumptions, drivers, and scenarios are consistently used