Shifting market forces create an increasingly challenging environment for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Numerous factors, including rising interest rates and intense competition are contributing to tightening margins.

It’s up to finance leaders to find new ways to realize profitable growth for their institutions. Yet only about 20% of customer relationships generate profits for financial institutions, with the most value coming from the top 1%.Knowing how to accurately price, analyze, and manage portfolios is key to driving margin growth. 

Watch Syntellis Performance Solutions finance expert Heather Hinchley to learn how Axiom software can help. She demonstrates tools designed to help you stay ahead of market changes and find new sources of profitable growth to hedge against an uncertain environment.  

Key Takeaways: You will learn how Axiom™ Relationship Profitability and Pricing System(RPPS) empowers leaders and relationship managers to: 

  • Understand each client’s sphere of influence by building and managing complex relationships in an intuitive, graphical view 
  • Measure and monitor account, customer, and relationship profitability to inform business decisions through portfolio views and analytics dashboards 
  • Price business accurately to ensure hurdle rates are met, compare pricing scenarios, and optimize profitability 

Speaker: Heather Hinchley, Senior Solutions Engineer, Syntellis Performance Solutions