Cost management is among the most urgent demands for today’s healthcare providers. Organizations must move beyond traditional cost accounting and undertake a patient-centric, multi-dimensional analysis that reveals the many clinical and operational variables that contribute to higher costs. In this webinar, Syntellis Performance Solutions will show how this in-depth analysis reveals insights into the complexities of cost management and empowers clinical, financial, and operational leaders to collaborate to lower costs, improve patient outcomes, and grow revenues.

Session attendees will learn:

  • The critical connections between healthcare cost and quality
  • Seven key clinical and operational variables that contribute to higher healthcare costs
  • How techniques such as micro-costing and time-driven, activity-based costing can help your organization pinpoint specific cost drivers to increase accuracy and trust


  • Deb Bulger, Syntellis Vice President, Strategic Partners
  • Jay Spence, Syntellis Vice President, Healthcare Strategic Solutions