Hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, this webinar discusses the challenges facing higher education today that are leading many institutions to re-think how they optimize financial decision-making.

Faced with the end of life of their legacy budgeting system, The University of Vermont undertook a rigorous software evaluation process and then used a phased approach to rolling out new solutions and processes. After 30 years of growth and expansion, Quinnipiac University’s leadership saw the need to adopt a data-driven approach to resource usage decisions that included the creation of a new finance team and the adoption of modern technology for reporting, long range planning and budgeting.

This webinar includes case studies that cover how each institution:

  • Delivered core planning solutions including operational budgeting, position planning and reporting that incorporate best practices but also meet the unique needs of each institution;
  • Used a project management approach suited to their individual university to meet the project goals and objectives; and
  • Shared a common set of best practices in change management to ensure user adoption and executive sponsorship.